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San Bernardino Superior Court Rules of Practice

Learn more about jurisdiction, trial, dismissals, appeal, delay reduction and fast tract rule, response, and statue of limitations. 

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How to Navigate San Bernardino Superior Court

Learn more about civil harassment, guardian ad litem, collection cases, maintenance of cases, commencement of the case, and contested cases.


Civil Tentative Rulings

A judicial officer may provide tentative rulings on law and motion matters after 3:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. on the court day before the scheduled hearing. The Court follows the procedure set forth in CRC 3.1308(a)(2).


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Rules of Civil Procedure

Learn more about amended pleadings, discovery, assistance and glossary, attachment, post judgement, default judgment, and venue. 


In a complaint, the filing party is called the Plaintiff and the accused party is called the Defendant. There can be multiple plaintiffs or defendants in a case. There are various civil petitions that can be filed. In petitions the filing party is the petitioner and the opposing parties are called respondents. Examples of civil petitions include name changes, restraining orders, and petitions for a writ of review to name a few. The laws governing civil matters are established by the State Legislature in the Government Code (GC), Code of Civil Procedure (CCP) and the Civil Code (CC). Rules are established that further define business practices and court processes. The California Rules of Court (CRC) and local rules published by each Court in the state are available online to view.